I'm very proud to present you my first texture update.

With the permission of ZebS I changed nearly every texture at his track.

Parts I worked at:
-Tower and container totally new textured
-Building of the shop new textured
-New sky-textur (thank you 6e66o)
-New grass-texture
-Curbs are more dirty now
-new tyres around teh track
-new advertising-signs
-the big stand is totally new textured
-trees new (thank you 6e66o)
-and much more


Have fun!

Thanks to Com8 for this awesome track

[rf] Slalom

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[rf] IndyCar at MidOhio ''ZOOM''

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[rf] Peugeot 908 at Nürburgring

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after some years of simracing, I decided to present my screens on my own blog.

Have Fun!