Merry Christmas to all my visitors and the whole community of sim-racing, screen-editing, and rederings :)

I hope you'll have some nice days and be here again after the celebrations.
cheers bozian

Thanks to Fritz F. for his good taste in tuning :)

I decided to post my GT5-Screens here, too. Have Fun


I created a new blog, where I'll show my screens out of the brandnew game Gran Turismo 5

You can find it here: bozian-gt5-screens
I hope you'll like my pics there and I wish you a lot of fun with them

Some Impressions from the training-session in the evening :)

[RBR] Fabia S2000 in rainy France

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According to my latest video ;)

My latest rf-video, enjoy it ;)

My latest Texture Update (still WIP)

100 Posts :)

Enduracers Mod + Spa 2007 by YES

[rf] Seat Leon Supercopa 2006

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Thank you for 3000 hits :)

[RBR] Clio R3

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[rf] R8 LMS

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