The last screens for 2011, hope to see you all in 2012 :)

Cause I've got no time to do some new screens, I am editing some older ones. This one is in addition to the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 screens I posted some weeks ago ;)

Just two random-shots :)

Want to help me getting up to 10.000 visitors?!

Just enjoy the M3 @ Sebring and maybe tell your friends ;)

I also created a new sign as blog logo and little watermark, hope you like it.

Great mod by LMT ;)

After one month without bozian-simpressions, I'm back :)

Thx to SandroX for his perfect mod...

My latest Video
Youtube made the first 5sec a bit weird, but after them, its much better ;)

Thx to the Music-Man, great job mate ;)

W.I.P Mod :)

[rf] GP2 2011

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Something simple to come back to rendering :)